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om289 / Volume 42
Tobias Zeutschner (1621-1675)
Decas Prima oder Musicalischen Fleisses Erster Theil
Zehn geistliche Konzerte
for one to five vocal parts, up to two instrumental parts and basso continuo
Edited by Hendrik Wilken
Score, softcover, XXXIII + 205 pages
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The organist, composer and poet Tobias Zeutschner (ca. 1621-1675) born in Neurode (Nowa Ruda) must be considered the central composer of Protestant church music in Wroclaw after the Thirty Years' War. Besides at least one large-scale Historias, two multi-choral concerts, numerous songs and casual works his oeuvre is characterised by two prints with ten sacred concerts. The present collection was published only a few years after his appointment as organist at the main church of Wroclaw in 1649 St. Bernardine. Together with an incomplete wedding music and a funeral music, the Decas Prima or Musicalisches Fleisses Erster Theil the group of the earliest surviving works of Zeutschner. [...] Zeutschner obviously knew a wide repertoire of early baroque music of Italian and German composers and knew how to adopt their style. Already the first concert, Habe deine Lust an dem HErren, shows obvious parallels to the composition of the same name (SWV 311) from Heinrich Schütz' Ander Theil Kleiner Geistlichen Concerten published in 1639. The musical-thematic similarities are sometimes striking. [...] In these parallels, Zeutschner confirms for eastern Germany what Peter Wollny did for the central German space: "Nearly all of them refer - explicitly or implicitly - to Schütz as a model and stimulus between about 1640 and 1655 [...] published music prints with concertante works".

By the preface of Hendrik Wilken

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