Musica poetica

Musik der Frühen Neuzeit
Oliver Huck and Ivana Rentsch (publ.)

Musica poetica is dedicated to the study of musical phenomena of the early modern period in their entire range. In addition to aesthetic, philological, music-theoretical, analytical and performance-practical questions, the series also focuses on cultural studies approaches. The unifying factor for the wealth of relevant topics lies in the question of how social and scientific upheavals, political upheavals such as the Thirty Years' War, the interdependence of confessions, the breakthrough of the galant paradigm, the Cartesian turn or the harbingers of the Enlightenment have left their mark on composing and thinking about music. The aim is to explore music as an integral part of human activity and as a sounding mirror of the early modern period.
Hanna Walsdorf
Für Gott und die Welt: Musik zu den Statuspassagen Ludwigs xiv. (1638–1662)
Juliane Pöche, Ivana Rentsch
Thomas Selles Kompositionen und ihre Quellen
Esther Dubke
Orlando di Lassos Messen
Ordinariumsvertonung zwischen Tradition und Neuordnung
Klingende Gottseligkeit
Thomas Selle und die geistliche Musik im 17. Jahrhundert
Edited by Ivana Rentsch